About Me

Hej! My name is Deanna Buba and I am a rising junior at American University in Washington D.C. I am originally from Marblehead which is a small historic town on the coast of Massachusetts. I am very excited to be studying abroad this fall. As an Environmental Studies major with Entrepreneurship and International Relations minors, this program at DIS Copenhagen could not be more perfect.

My Core Course this semester is Sustainability : Sustainable Food Production and Consumption. I am also taking Danish Language and Culture, Arctic Glaciology, Environmental Policy in Practice, and Royalty in the Land of Equality (peep my obsessions with royal families!). With my program I will also be traveling to western Denmark and Italy.

I cannot wait to write about all of my adventures on my blog. From navigating my dietary restrictions to living in a homestay to getting lost while traveling to exploring new places to meeting new people from different cultures … I am looking forward to sharing my stories with you all! Thanks for coming along on my journey! Bedste ønsker !